Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Not much to tell right now

Since my page is blank I figured I could at least give a little update.

I cannot tell for sure if Danny is a little swollen since our last ride.  It is harder for me to tell in the winter when they all have thick hair on their legs.  Some days I look and they all look swollen, but when I feel with my hands, no one has heat and they feel normal sized.   I have a tendency to be a little paranoid.

I found that Danny has scratched the scab off where he had his gash last summer. It was bleeding a little, not bad though. I will throw some Natures Edge on it to help it close back up again.

It is cool to watch him on the mornings I let him out.  He runs and runs all over the pasture. He seems so happy.  He and Trax are best of buds.  They share food, and if Danny runs, Trax follows.

The last time all the horses were out together I was impressed by what happened.  Sassy came up to say hello to her old friend Danny, then Killian saw them and had to get in between.  Then of course the "fight" started and Killian chased Danny away.  Trax was off to the side, but when he saw what was going on he ran over and put himself between Killian and Danny.  He went to protect him.  He stayed with Danny from there on out.  Trax is an odd character.  He could care less about mares, he will not start a fight.  If another horse gets crappy with him, he just moves away. He pretty much gets along with anyone.   So to see him put himself in a position where confrontation was likely was unusual.  But he and Danny are pretty good friends.  Where Danny goes, Trax will follow, almost always. 

I think all the horses are tired of Killian's bullying. Even Sassy seems eager to get away to say hi to the others.  I wish it would go back to where they all just got along.

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