Friday, April 26, 2013

Vet Visit

My vet was out yesterday for our spring check up and shots n stuff.   He checked Danny's toofies and said they look great.  He had them done 2 years ago and apparently they are maintaining their shape.

He says that Danny looks fantastic, except for the shedding, of course, but his weight is perfect and he seems to be in as good of health as a horse much younger than him.  Of course his sway back is getting worse, but we all know that is due to lack of being ridden.

A week or so ago I noticed a lump on Danny's neck, well throat actually. I remembered to show it to Bruce, and he (once again) was surprised.   I guess what is, is a fracture of one of the tracheal rings.  He asked how long it has been there, and I told him I just noticed it a week or so ago when I was loving on him.  It isn't really visible, I just felt it as my hands went around his neck.

Bruce says it appears to be an old injury, perhaps from a kick. He said if he ever seems to have trouble breathing, then it will need attention. He does cough sometimes, and it could be caused from that, or it could just be hay cube dust.

Once again, Bruce informed me that he sees the strangest things at my house!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oh Danny

Hey Lady, wanna see what I can do?

I just lean down and put my nose here...

And open the if you would just get that
pesky chain off of there, I could help my self to
some yummy grains.