Thursday, February 7, 2013

Danny's Debut

Yesterday I got an email from the Western Horse Review (here is a link) out of Canada, asking if they could use some pictures of Danny for an article on Stringhalt.  Wow!  So Danny is gonna hit the big time.

I sent them some of the pics I have on here, plus I took these last night.
Some serious high stepping

He is a rare case who has it on both rear legs, although his RR is not as bad as his left

Look how high up his rear end goes at a trot

These two show how he has to push off to move faster than a walk

I just like this picture, he looks handsome. 

Left Rear is the worst

Right Rear almost as bad.
Now, I want to clarify that Danny does not always exhibit his condition in both legs, but it was about 20 degrees out when we took these and cold affects his condition quite a bit.  It is highly unusual for a horse to have it in both legs, but then Danny has always been special.

When I sent the pictures I gave them his history and what I have learned about his condition. Most importantly that exercise is vital for horses with Stringhalt.  I don't know if they can use any of my findings since I'm just an old gal figuring things out as I go, but I gave them the info anyway, and I sure hope I can be of some help.  When it comes out I will post a new link.

An update on his condition, the exercise he has been getting daily along with the Equine Senior seems to be helping alot, and he is doing fine after getting beat up by Killian.  You can read that story here.  Since the clinic and show have been canceled this weekend, I think it is time to go back to riding him at the arena.  Perhaps I can get some good video of that.


  1. Wow great shots! really shows what he has going on. Gonna be famous sweet old fellow