Wednesday, October 17, 2012

No News is Not Always Good News

No news is good news, usually.

This time no news means no time.

No news means that my ponies are neglected. (not physically- just mentally)

No news means that I have had no saddle time in weeks.

No news means that Danny has not had his stretching exersizes and it shows.

No news is bad.

No news means I am a baaaaaad horse mom.

No news means there just aren't enough hours in the day.

No news means I have a sad face. :(

I could use some news, some time, some saddle time, some horsey time.

I found this pic of Danny today.  It was spring 2 years ago.  We had so much grass.  Now it is just a dirt lot, with some dead grass.  

I need some horse time.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Danny's Blanky

Poor old guy was having such a hard time with the cold, I decided to blanket him last night.  Normally I do not blanket until it starts hitting 10 or below. My horses are pretty hardy, they are all WY horses except Danny.   It made a difference, he was actually able to walk this morning.
This is an older picture- last winter, but he has had
this blanket since I got him- four years ago.
that make it a pretty good blanket to me

I love his blanket, bought it at Moss's Tack store in Mills WY. It was expensive but worth every penny. It fits him nicely , is sturdy as hell. It has a nice wide Belly Band so that he cannot get his foot caught in it. I wish I could recall what brand it is, because I would surely write them a letter and tell them what  great product they have.

When I went to put it on him, he gave me his..."seriously" look. Trax made a beeline for the other direction as if to say, "She is not making me wear that thing"  Of course when I fed this morning Danny rubbed his head on me in appreciation......or maybe he had an itch....Lets say it was in appreciation.  He was happy to be warm and happy to have food.

Tom wants to send him to AZ for the winter, I think he would rather be here and cold and stiff than to be all alone and depressed.  He gets really depressed without his herd.  We will see, I guess.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Old and Cold do not mix well

I went out this morning to feed all the ponies.  Everyone was racing around as it was only 29 degrees out.  Everyone except Danny that is. :(

I got his food and he would take a step, the stringhalt leg would go up and then not come back down.  He would finally try to hop on 3 legs to get a step forward.  It took him a long time to get to that feeder.  I wanted to take it to him, but I knew he had to get moving.  The only way to get warmed up is for him to move.  I did go over and rub his bad leg really briskly to try and get him warmed up.  He was showing stringhalt symptoms in his good leg too. 

I have to get that barn done and get him inside at night.  That way I can put a heat lamp in there with him so he doesn't get quite so cold.   If that doesn't help then he may have to go live at our house in AZ. I don't want to do that yet though.  As hard as it is for me to watch him go through this, I know that he would be terribly lonely out there, with the rest of his herd still in WY.

I am making the commitment to get as much done as I can this weekend.  It is supposed to snow, but it doesn't matter.  I can still spread dirt, set poles and maybe at least get one or two pens done.

I have to leave for KS next week for some stupid training program my company is putting on. I really don't have time to go, but have no choice.

Don't they know I have been eat 'Smarties" for a week now, by the handfuls!!!???!!!  Surely that has to work better than shipping me 2 states away for 4 days! :)

Well time to get back to work. ugh!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Quick Update

Due to too many things on my plate Danny is only getting his stretching and exercise about once a week.  BUT that once a week seems to make him really happy.  He really has been stretching his hind legs out for me and his energy level seems to be on it's way up again. 

He spends more time being active again (perhaps a weather thing) and his time in the round pen is nice with very few incidents of landing with his fetlock bent back and on his toe. Backing in circles gets better every time. 

I was watching him race around the pasture last week.  More like his old self than I have seen him in a long time.  I am seriously considering a short ride in the arena this weekend, when I take Trax down. 
Farrier was out yesterday and gave him a nice trim which he needed. 

I also have learned that we have a new lameness expert in town now.  I am always looking for new ideas and information, so once I get my finances back in line I will most likely have him come out and take a look and Danny the Wonder Horse, just to see if he has any suggestions on things I can do with him.

Jay and I were talking the other day, trying to imagine what his career was before he got the stringhalt.  Was he a jumper?  Maybe, he has the long tall body for it.  I don't think he was a barrel racer, or a roping horse.  He seems more like an english riding horse than a western.  Although he doesn't exhibit any sort of Dressage training.  Of course, how would I  know.  I certainly do not know how to ride Dressage. I'm just barely learning what leg cues are. :)
Perhaps he was just someones trail horse, the love of someones life. We will never know. All we know now is that he is Danny, sweet old boy of my pasture.  He has found his forever home.