Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 1 Treatment

We started this week with the Vitamin E Suppliment and also Stretching and some mild exerscising.
I was not thrilled with what I saw our first time in the round pen.
Danny tired very quickly, and in a very short period of time I noticed that he was not placing his stringhalt foot down flat like he should but toe first, almost dragging it. I am hoping this gets better with time.
We quit there, and walked to cool down.  I also had him back up a small hill in order to build up some back muscles.
We also stretched afterwards, and then I massaged him all over.
I did take some videos but cannot get them to load. I'll keep working on that.
Here are the stretching pictures.
I need to get a book on this, so I can be more thorough.

First we stretch the fetlock

Stretching forward

Now back

Back foot

Stretching back being careful not to pull out at all

Now Forward- this one is harder than I thought it was going to be

See how he stands on his own feet?

Like I said, I need better instruction on how to do this.
I also need better instruction on how to get my pictures to post singularly instead of in a group.  The first ones seem to work out okay then towards the bottom they go all haywire.


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  1. I worked with Danny again last night. We did more backing up the hill. It seems to really give him a good work out. He seems to really enjoy the stretching routine.
    I have decided to start timeing his workouts so I can determine if he is able to go a little longer each time.