Thursday, August 9, 2012

Week One Update

We are on Day four of the stretching and strength building routine.  It seems as though he is able to make it a little longer each time.  His stopping point is when he can no longer place his stringhalt foot down flat.  When it hits toe first and bends back I stop him.  I do not want him to sprain or injure his fetlock.  He made it over 2 minutes in both directions yesterday at a trot.  At a conter it was much quicker, although he was already tired by then.  Yesterday we started with backing up the hill twice before going forward in the round pen. Usually that is done last.

I have decided to have a vet come and watch and listen to him move.  I am hearing a sort of snapping or popping noise in his hind end, I cannot determine where it is coming from.  Is it his hooves hitting each other, or tendons in his legs?  I will schedule this appointment hopefully for a week from Saturday. 

I started him on a vitamin E supplement, but I believe it is mixed with the same stuff you use for Sand Colic, so before giving any more I need to research it.

Here are some pictures from the video I cannot upload

This is at a fast trot taken on Day 2

This I think was a slow Canter
This is at a fast walk

He is "stuck" here, having a hard time getting it back down

 Look at the difference in his length of strides...
from one leg to the other.

That is the only update I have for now.

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  1. I think I posted wrong about that Vitamin E suppliment. I have to go home and read it again and then decide. It might have said selinium, and if that is the case, living in wyoming, I may want to have him tested before giving any more. It is easy to go overboard on that stuff, and the end result of that is really bad.