Monday, March 18, 2013

Danny's former life

Shannon's  post about Spider watching "Man From Snowy River" one too many times, reminded me of something.

Sure does look like him. 

This is what Danny did as a youngster.
Okay so not really (as far as we know anyways)  But hey, it could happen!?!? LOL


  1. It does look like him!

    The movie was done in 1982, which surprised me because I don't think I'm that old ;). That was a few years before Danny was born. Maybe that was Danny's sire, though!

    I always get chills when I watch that scene. Great riding on a great horse!

  2. Actually if it was done in 1982 and we are guessing he is about 24 or 25, then he would have been 3 or 4. Keeping in mind that we are guessing his age, it is still slightly possible.
    Of course the horse in the movie doesn't have the star that Danny has, but maybe they covered it up.

  3. Oh duh! I punch 2003 into the calculator instead of 2013. You are right Shannon, he would have to be over 30 for it to have been him.